Irish Natural History Literature

The Irish Natural History Literature web site provides a way of accessing references to literature covering all aspects of natural history in Ireland. They include papers and articles published in journals, books and magazines, and unpublished reports and theses.

Topics relate to the natural environment of Ireland. They include botany (e.g. rare species, plant communities), zoology (e.g. invertebrates, fish, mammals, birds), geology (e.g. hard rock, quaternary, palaeontology) together with obituaries, book reviews, and the business of many of the former and current Field Clubs and Natural History Societies of Ireland.

Each reference includes author, date of publication, title, journal and volume (if appropriate), page details and keywords.


Please note that this site is under development.
The search listings are not comprehensive for authors, keywords or for most journals.
Further references will be added as time allows, and other datasets become available.


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