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Vascular Plant Registers

These registers have been produced as part of a national Botanical Society of the Britain and Ireland (BSBI) initiative to highlight plants whose scarcity is a cause for concern. The Registers concentrate, and provide information on those species which are rare, on either the national or the local scale or both. In doing so, it draws attention to many species which need to be the subject of conservation action, whether directed at the species themselves or at the habitats they occupy, if they are to survive and flourish in the county. It also draws attention to some species of which the extent and credibility of the supposed records is questionable, and where it would be advisable to concentrate on verification of the current distribution. The Registers also provide information on the occurrence of casuals and introductions whose distribution and frequency of occurrence in the county could change in the future as a result of climatic, human or other factors.

The records have been selected from the database held by the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording at the Ulster Museum. The database comprises all known records for the relevant county. The records that form the basis for these publications were made by botanists, most of whom were amateur and some of whom were professional, employed by government departments or undertaking environmental impact assessments. It is intended that the Registers be up-dated at regular intervals to include new records.

These publications are intended to be of assistance to conservation and planning organisations and authorities, district and local councils and interested members of the public.

For each species there may be a brief account of its current status, possible cause of changes in population or distribution, and whether it is native or not. Records listed after the taxon accounts cover all stations at which the taxon has been recorded. Grid references for each species are given as six figures where possible. Recorders are identified by name.

Cover of Armagh Register

County Armagh Scarce, Rare and Extinct Vascular Plant Register
John Faulkner, 2015
edited by Julia Nunn

Armagh Rare Plant Register - cover (PDF 1.17MB)

Armagh Rare Plant Register - text (PDF 2.62MB)

Cover of Fermanagh Register

County Fermanagh Scarce, Rare and Extinct Vascular Plant Register
Robert Northridge, Ralph Forbes & Hannah Northridge, 2014
edited by Julia Nunn

Fermanagh Rare Plant Register - cover (PDF 402KB)

Fermanagh Rare Plant Register - text (PDF 3.52MB)

Cover of Antrim Register

County Antrim Scarce, Rare and Extinct Vascular Plant Register
Stan Beesley, 2006
edited by Julia Nunn & Paul Hackney

Antrim Rare Plant Register - cover (PDF 217KB)

Antrim Rare Plant Register - text (PDF 3.12MB)

Cover of Down Register

County Down Scarce, Rare and Extinct Vascular Plant Register
Graham Day & Paul Hackney, 2004 (updated 2008)
edited by Julia Nunn

Down Rare Plant Register - cover (PDF 142KB)

Down Rare Plant Register - text (PDF 1.08MB)