Hippodamia 13-punctata

13 Spot ladybird
© Mike Majerus*
13-spot Fowler Plate
W. W. Fowler**

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As a vagrant or occasional visitor.


Formerly widespread (Johnson & Halbert 1902) but very local in wetlands.  Presently known only from All Saints Bog Co. Offaly (Speight 1990).  The reasons for this severe decline are unknown.


Poorly known.  It seems to turn up mostly very late in the season and has been recorded principally in transition mires (fens) in Ireland. In Europe it is less restricted and can occur in a variety of wetland types.

* Mike Majerus images from UK Ladybird Survey

** Fowler, W. W. 1889 The Coleoptera of the British Islands, Volume 3 L. Reeve & Co., London