Coccinella undecimpunctata L.

11-spot © Mike Majerus
© Mike Majerus*
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Common both in the coastal zone and inland in southern Britain but much rarer north of the midlands and then largely coastal.


Almost exclusively coastal but occurs inland along river valleys or lakeshores in one or two places such as the sandy shorelines of Lough Neagh.


Prefers dry soils, mainly in coastal areas.  Usually seen perambulating on the ground, among driftwood in estuaries, under Ulva on shorelines and similar places but does occur on woody plants such as gorse.


Tomlin & Joy (1914) give records of var. brevifasciata Weise, for Cloghane, Kerry, Roundstone and Dog’s Bay, Galway and Portballintrae and Ballycastle, Antrim. In this form pairs of spots coalesce to form short bars. Otherwise not subject to much variation.

*Mike Majerus images from UK Ladybird Survey