Ophrys reinholdii sensu stricto

Reinhold's ophrys; Reinholds Ragwurz

Corfu, Balkans, Aegean islands (frequent on Rhodes), SW Anatolia. A closely-related species, O. straussii, which is perhaps best regarded as a subspecies of O. reinholdii, extends from the Aegean to Iran.

A handsome species with a very dark labellum and two contrasting whitish stripes; these stripes sometimes connected. In light shade in pine and oak woods or scrub, or in full sun in grasslands, on roadsides etc.

Upper two photographs: Ataviros area, Rhodes, April 2008.
© Paul Hackney.

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Bottom photograph: pine woods, Profitis Ilias, Rhodes, April 2008.
© Paul Hackney.

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