Ophrys apifera

Bee orchid; Ophrys abeille; Bienenragwurz; Vesparia

Across Europe from Ireland to the Levant, and from the Mediterranean basin as far north as the Low Countries and Germany.

Upper photograph: Northern Ireland, c.1975.

A frequently encountered species of limestone grasslands, old limestone quarries, maquis and sand dunes. Nearly always self-pollinated.

Middle photographs: Lower Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, 2004.
© Paul Hackney

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Fruit, Craigavon Lake, Northern Ireland, 2004
© Paul Hackney

Seeds from a Northern Irish plant: greatly magnified.
© Paul Hackney

Plants in Belfast Harbour Estate, N Ireland.
© Tom Ennis

Bottom photograph: Alicante Province, Spain 2006.
© Paul Hackney

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