Selected sites to visit

Environment & Heritage Service (EHS) properties with important earth science features

Many country parks and nature reserves managed by EHS host important earth science features.

Scrabo Country Park
[site 1117] [site 1200]
Triassic sandstone with Tertiary igneous rocks in the quarry
Crawfordsburn Country Park Ordovician rocks along the coast including pillow lavas
Roe Valley Country Park Dalradian rocks along the River Roe
Dalradian limestone in the quarry
Ballyquintin Point Nature Late glacial raised beach deposits and modern shoreline processes
Banagher Glen Nature Reserve Dalradian limestone in the quarry
Belshaw's Quarry Nature Reserve Quarry section through Cretaceous chalk and Tertiary basalt
Binevenagh Nature Reserve Landslips and Tertiary basalt
Boorin Nature Reserve Glacial delta complex
Crossmurrin Nature Reserve Limestone pavement
Giant's Causeway Nature Reserve World famous basalt columns
Glenariff Waterfalls Forest Nature Reserve Waterfall series over Tertiary basalt
Hanging Rock and Rossaa Forest Nature Reserve Small cave and rising. Carboniferous limestone
Kebble Nature Reserve Sea stacks and cliffs in Tertiary basalt
Killard Nature Reserve Glacial moraine
Magilligan Point Nature Reserve Coastal processes and sand dunes
Marble Arch Nature Reserve Gorge in Carboniferous limestone, cave series
Murlough Nature Reserve Beach processes and sand dunes
Murrins Forest Nature Reserve Glacial moraines
Portrush Nature Reserve Historically important fossiliferous Jurassic rock
Slieveanorra Nature Reserve Peat erosion features
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