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Geological Survey of Northern Ireland Home Page

Geological Survey of Ireland

Palaeogeography – what the world once looked like

JNCC Earth Heritage Home Page

ES2K Home Page


BBC Education site - Essential Guide to Rocks
Earth/Geoscience Information on the World Wide Web
West's Geological Directory

GSGG Earthquakes home page

Fossils & Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs and Vertebrate Palaeontology

Dynamic Earth Exhibition, Edinburgh
Natural History Museum, London

Global Volcanism Program
Monserrat Volcano Observatory

Places to write to for further information

Geological Society of London
Burlington House
London W2V 0JU
Tel: 0171 434 9298

The Geological Society was founded in 1807 and is the oldest geological society in the world. It has over 9000 members world-wide and is both a learned society and a professional body, offering Chartered Geologist status to appropriately qualified Fellows.

GeoConservation Commission
The Secretary
Geological Society of London
Burlington House
London W1V OJU
Tel: 0171 434 9944

The GeoConservation Commission is a forum for Earth heritage conservation in the UK. It aims to promote the conservation of our Earth heritage and to ensure that we pass it on in good order to future generations for investigation, education and enjoyment. Further details can be obtained from the above address.

Geologists’ Association
Conservation Officer
Burlington House
London W2V 0JU

The contribution of the Geologists’ Association to Earth heritage conservation lies in two main areas. First, there is an unrivalled connection with the regional geological societies and natural history clubs throughout Britain. Second, is the ability to assist financially in conservation projects through its Curry Fund.

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